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PASSES is a 501C3 organization in good standing dedicated to teaching teens and entry-level workers the basics in workplace safety awareness. Established in 1995, PASSES has become the national leader in teen safety on the strength of grants and sponsorships from the Ford Motor Co., Michigan OSHA and other concerned corporations. The grants allow PASSES to offer the training absolutely free to high schools and school districts.

PASSES brings job safety into the classroom by using firefighters to present the unique, 90-minute PASSES EDGE training workshop to students. The fast-paced program focuses on subjects relevant to teens: safe chemical-handling; lifting techniques and ladder safety; proper use of personal protective equipment; adolescent labor law; driving safety; and retail safety. PASSES also has a unit on sexual harassment in response to schools.

PASSES built last year on its national leadership position in teen safety by training more than 500 teachers and 20,000 students in occupational safety and health. PASSES is offered annually in more than 100 school districts in Michigan and ten other states.

Academic Merits
The PASSES EDGE training helps students to achieve academic excellence and improve critical-thinking skills. The training enhances 14 benchmarks on the Science Portion alone of the Michigan Curriculum Framework.

PASSES has carefully expanded beyond its Michigan base into northern Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa and Kansas. Increased national awareness for safety is fueling the demand for teen safety training. Adolescents continue to flood into a tight labor market to fill entry-level jobs. PASSES is meeting the challenge with a fun, lively training approach that presents safety as a life skill.

PASSES has an outstanding board of directors that includes Dan Hauser, Executive Vice President of the Detroit Pistons, and Detroit Fire Commissioner Tyrone Scott. The training complements safety instruction provided by employers because labor and industry helped to design the content.

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